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It's gonna be a hot, hot summer
heavensqueen wrote in yuletide_coal
Yuletide is firing up the ovens already. Discuss the discussion about the changes of rules here


Let's get this party started with debirlfan replied to her post with this comment. Yuletide should definitely go the self-policing route like Parallels does. I have tons of big fandoms I'd love to request.

I've never understood how a fandom with over 250 fics with 1000+ words is rare. And now people want to make it 500? Might as well forget the limit completely.

It comes from comparison, I think. Many people also participate in megafandoms, and so by contrast, that seems really small to them.

But it's already at 500.

If a fandom is over on one site and under on the other, it may be disqualified if there are more than double the limit on that site.

So they're asking for the limit to be something like 1000. How many fandoms were approved last year anyway? Couple of thousands at least. That seems like way too many "rare" fandoms and most of those aren't even 5 minute fandoms.

Because baby's first fandom was Harry Potter, and now they can't find rare character femslash or ugly old guy tentacle porn or gen worldbuilding. Their new fandom is sort of active, but it's mostly fluffy shipfic for one or two pairings of the main characters. Ergo: Waaaaah, totally rare! I'm oppressed!

You're very good to us, heavensqueen. :D

It just seems like people being unwilling to their let their staple fandoms get too big for Yuletide. If arguing in favor of a borderline fandom isn't going to work, it seems like the new tactic is going to be arguing in favor of raising the number of fics needed to be considered rare.

It's like people don't want to accept the fact that a fandom can go from rare to not-rare. It's an amazing thing that happens when people are active writers in that fandom!

or, 'The rules suck, so someone with a professional qualification in rules should write new rules!'

I'm rolling my eyes, because either they mean "but I don't have that qualification, so not ME, make it someone else's job", or "And what a coincidence, I have that qualification, appoint me to write the rules!!"

Maybe they should actually give re-writing a go, with a sample rule, and see how far they get.

Speaking only for myself, I don't want to raise the AO3 limit, I want to drop the FFN one. I do think the distinction is ridiculous.

I do think that's rare. All my current year round fandoms have thousands or tens of thousands of fics.

Before anyone feels the need to school me, I agree it's not rare enough for Yuletide. But I do think it's rare. In all the vast sea of fandom, that's a tiny island.

I wanted to be able to let it go, but Jenn's brusqueness re comics fandoms' legitimate concerns yet again has me bracing for action.

In theory, I like the idea of starting from scratch and writing new rules rather than tweaking existing ones, but I'm not so sure on how that would work in practice.

Huh. While I agree that the first comment she made came across a little brusque, the second one and the post she made on the admin comm actually came off a little more pleasant than I've grown accustom to from her.
(The fact that she actually made a post directing peoples attention to the discussion post gives me hope that they are actually going to take peoples concerns with the ridiculously convoluted rules seriously this time around.)

Agreed, it is ridiculous. They should make it something more reasonable like 500, if they must have it higher than the AO3 limit.


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