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It's gonna be a hot, hot summer
heavensqueen wrote in yuletide_coal
Yuletide is firing up the ovens already. Discuss the discussion about the changes of rules here


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Re: Controversial Opinions

Of course 1 is true. If at any point the mods said that "we want Yuletide to be a only rare book, movie and TV exchange", okay. I'd be sad for two of my little fandoms, but it's their decision. It's their exchange they can end it if they don't want to do it anymore. That happens. But as long as they say they allow in all rare fandoms people will expect that they really mean all rare fandoms.

But your second point makes me shake my head. Yeah, why shouldn't everyone just run their own fest for everything? Rare movies should have their own fest! Five minute fandoms! Rare books! We can also all just stop doing exchanges and make separate kink memes for everything. Problem solved, or what? I don't think so. Not everyone who thinks comics were treated unfairly is in Yuletide to ONLY request comics or only SHERLOCK HOLMES fandoms and would be interested in any of the exchanges you propose. Maybe we are just in it for rare FANDOMS of which we usually request more than one if I remember correctly. I'm sure there are people who only request only books, or only comics or only movies with Chris Evans in them; but do they harm anyone? I don't think so.

People are not asking the mods for something horribly unreasonable. They are asking them to make a consistent rule that isn't based on the way AO3 wrangles character tags and without basing rules on made up differences, just because some people are paranoid about everyone being secretly plotting to secretly sneak juggernauts into Yuletide. Make a consistent, unbiased rule and stick to it for everyone.

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