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It's gonna be a hot, hot summer
heavensqueen wrote in yuletide_coal
Yuletide is firing up the ovens already. Discuss the discussion about the changes of rules here


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Re: Defining the problem(s) w/ YT rules


My personal opinion, (which has flaws as well but no matter what solution is achieved will have flaws)

Step 1: Make the eligibility 2:1 for ffnet:AO3 (either 250/500, or 500/1000*), if it's over or under make a combined cut off (375/750) and make it hard and fast, so even 1 over is out.
*I know some people think it's too high but I think if we go with the higher number, it is answer to the badfic/fusion/crossover debate that comes up with borderline fandoms.

Step 2: People can nominate whatever they want, however they want and trust people in the post-nomination cleanup to point out sketchy things or the best way to combine/separate sub-fandoms for best signup possibilities

Step 3: Get rid of all character rules. Risk the handful of people who might try to sneak in MCU Loki or ST:TOS Spock in exchange for the ease and lack of confusion and antagonism. The rules haven't (and won't ever) stop people from asking for crossovers with megafandoms or characters who haven't been nominated.

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