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It's gonna be a hot, hot summer
heavensqueen wrote in yuletide_coal
Yuletide is firing up the ovens already. Discuss the discussion about the changes of rules here


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It's not like "burn it down" makes any sense anyway. Most new rules would be based on existing ones, because a lot of the original principles haven't changed.


I think the idea has more to do how so many of the rules have gotten nigh as complicated as doing your taxes, because of the many times the mods have wanted to exclude one fandom/character but let in another fandom/character that's nearly identical in terms of qualification qualities.


That's where part of my hesitation comes from, none of the discussion I've read so far does actually seem like starting from scratch and accepting that fandom has changed and how people post fic has changed and the rules should reflect that.

But if the options are more cobbled together, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, make sure these mod-favorites get in despite being totally ineligible set of rules and rules that are basically the same, just simpler and without twelve exceptions I will take the simpler rules.

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