_coal and Dreamwidth

I have seen that in the current post the question about moving to Dreamwidth is coming up again and again.
As I said before, I think _coal should be close to where most of Yuletide happen, and that is in my view still LJ. But since they have started to crosspost to DW, I am quite willing, to adapt as well. Either with crossposting or moving fully.

The user who held the yuletide_coal community on Dreamwidth was nice enough to let me take over, so we could set up shop there as soon as we want.

Feel free use this post for discussion or vote in the poll!

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You would like

to stay here
to move to DW
use both sites
don't have an opinion

Dynamite shaft

Hello coalies

Have you found yourself unable to write anything than coal?
Are you depressed because all prompts are open for madness, and you haven't even started on your main story yet?

tell us all about it!

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Open Season on Yuletide 2013

Welcome back dear coalies, dentists and socks!
Get your shovels, baskets and canaries, and let's go into the coal mine of YT 2013.

While I enjoy what you made out of this comm, I also fear it has grown too big for one person to handle. Please PM me, if you are interested to become a spam-hunter.
Thanks to all who offered to help out. Some moderators have been added, so we should be able to mine our coal this year without people trying to sell us handbags or pills. After all, we just need wank and fic