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It's gonna be a hot, hot summer
heavensqueen wrote in yuletide_coal
Yuletide is firing up the ovens already. Discuss the discussion about the changes of rules here


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I've never understood how a fandom with over 250 fics with 1000+ words is rare. And now people want to make it 500? Might as well forget the limit completely.

It comes from comparison, I think. Many people also participate in megafandoms, and so by contrast, that seems really small to them.

But it's already at 500.

If a fandom is over on one site and under on the other, it may be disqualified if there are more than double the limit on that site.

So they're asking for the limit to be something like 1000. How many fandoms were approved last year anyway? Couple of thousands at least. That seems like way too many "rare" fandoms and most of those aren't even 5 minute fandoms.

Couple of thousands at least. That seems like way too many "rare" fandoms and most of those aren't even 5 minute fandoms.

As a rare fandom can be any book, any movie, any 5 minute fandom I don't see how the number tells you that the fandoms nominated weren't rare. If every participant nominated a fandom only they wanted and nobody else we would come out with many fandoms too.

Because baby's first fandom was Harry Potter, and now they can't find rare character femslash or ugly old guy tentacle porn or gen worldbuilding. Their new fandom is sort of active, but it's mostly fluffy shipfic for one or two pairings of the main characters. Ergo: Waaaaah, totally rare! I'm oppressed!

It just seems like people being unwilling to their let their staple fandoms get too big for Yuletide. If arguing in favor of a borderline fandom isn't going to work, it seems like the new tactic is going to be arguing in favor of raising the number of fics needed to be considered rare.

It's like people don't want to accept the fact that a fandom can go from rare to not-rare. It's an amazing thing that happens when people are active writers in that fandom!

Are people only arguing for their borderline fandoms? I don't see that as what's going on.

I see a lot of people thinking that getting the numbers down will solve the problem without even defining what the problem was in the first place.

Speaking only for myself, I don't want to raise the AO3 limit, I want to drop the FFN one. I do think the distinction is ridiculous.

Agreed, it is ridiculous. They should make it something more reasonable like 500, if they must have it higher than the AO3 limit.

I do think that's rare. All my current year round fandoms have thousands or tens of thousands of fics.

Before anyone feels the need to school me, I agree it's not rare enough for Yuletide. But I do think it's rare. In all the vast sea of fandom, that's a tiny island.

I guess the question everybody is asking is what is "rare enough for Yuletide"? Because by definition what gets in under the rules is rare enough for Yuletide. Some people just think it should be a super rare fandom exchnange and some think it should remain an exchange for rare and "small" fandoms.

IMO, the problem is that there are always a lot of 'borderline rare' things trying to get in and if they're in that grey area where they're too big for Yuletide but too small to have their own exchange it can be really difficult to find anywhere to request them.

Especially with the new rulings that neither very old nor very new fandoms are exempt from limits anymore. I can see how someone would find it unfair that their fandom which premiered last November has 502 fics and can't get in, but the fandom that premiered in late August and already has 200 fics by September nominations can, or that their late 90s/early 2000s fandom is disqualified based on alone when it currently gets less fic than many Yuletide Popular things.

But, there's pretty much always going to be something people latch onto that ends up getting 30+ fics, so someone will always feel wronged that their fandom didn't get in when it probably would have gotten less. I wish there was a big exchange for medium-sized fandoms as well, but Yuletide is supposed to be a rare fandom exchange, not an 'everything that isn't a megafandom' exchange just because a few borderline things get accepted on technicality.

It's in midswing right now, but have you tried Not Ready for Prime Time?

NA Tried it for what exactly. It looked like the AYRT was making a observation that where there is a set limit there will be borderline fandoms.

And is an exchange that allows anything but megafandoms truly going to make it easy to request borderline rare things?


I wish there was a big exchange for medium-sized fandoms as well

... tried it for that.

Finally someone said it unanon:

I would have zero problem with them saying 250 is the limit as long as they get rid of the character rules.

But I wonder if we go for that rare wouldn't that make matching even more of a pain?

Newsies anon still contends that endless amounts of Mary Sue fics should not count toward the limit. Though I probably won't even sign up this year, I'm still bitter over Newsies.

Film or Broadway show, nonny? I'm a bitter Newies film anon who has been bitter about this for many years.

Additional bitterness: my favorite Newsie is David, and no one seems to want to write about him except as half of David/Jack. I want David to get his own stories. (Also, in my head he's the ancestor of Josh Baskin from Big, because the same actor played both characters.)

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