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It's a happy time to be unhappy
heavensqueen wrote in yuletide_coal
The Yuletide pre-season 2012 has started, and the coal is already piling up.
Share your piece of it with us

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Sure did! :D


what extension do you use for the big caps?

Abduction, for Firefox. Once it's installed, you can right-click a page and choose to save as image.

The delusion and victim complex on this woman is so strong. Someone writes a polite, rational comment to her, and she calls it "the most ridiculous commentary." Right.

Thanks for the screencap.

When I was conceived, I was 230


I know it's a typo but this woman is awful and everything about her is mockable. I know it makes me evil but I don't believe a word she says about her so-called problems. She's just spoiled and entitled.

Actually, look at the screencap. She says "When I conceived".

Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. In this case, both yours and hers.

lmao you got me. That's what I get for reading instead of sleeping. Still stand by my other comments, though.

Her revealing anon commenters' IP addresses/locations is seriously creeping me out. It's like she's wiggling her fingers at them and saying "I know where you live!" (I'm especially disturbed because my IP address is that of the school I go to- if she posted mine, it would LITERALLY be Where I Live.)

Yeah, it's pretty nasty of her, especially since the nonnies who left comments were being pretty polite.

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